key lime pie

Ok I will be the fist to admit that I am a bit of a key lime pie snob.  I think I have a right to be since I grew up in Florida…right?  I think that’s how that works.  Like when New Yorkers come down to to the south and laugh at anyone who thinks Panera bagels are good.   Ummm I’ll keep my grits, mint julep, barbecue, pecan pie, sweet tea, and bread pudding and you can go back up north.  Also, Panera bagels are good.

I remember growing up my family would drive down to the Florida Keys every summer for vacation.  On one particular trip we decided that we would eat key lime pie at as many restaurants as possible to try to find the best one.  This was my favorite trip, for obvious reasons.  Unfortunately this experiment was not well documented (understatement) and we are not sure which pie was this winner.  I am pretty sure one of the best pieces was from my favorite restaurant in Key West, Blue Heaven, and looked something like this.  It was the tallest pie I have ever seen.  The meringue was a solid 4 times taller than the filling and it was simultaneously fluffy and crisp.  If you want to see more of this pie check it out on the Key Lime Pie episode of Food Wars on the food network!….or Rachel Ray, or Man vs Food.  This pie is a pretty big deal.

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