My name is Rye (short for Rianna – because apparently Rhianna has ruined my chances of anyone ever pronouncing my name correctly) Bennett and I write this blog.

The purpose, or at lease intention, of this site is to combine my insatiable passion for design and food, as well as record my amazing culinary experiences through out New Orleans, the amazing culturally rich city in which I live, my travel experiences, and anything else food-centered and delicious (so basically everything I guess).  I wish to document all of my discoveries and experiences with words and pictures.

I am currently an architecture student at Tulane University living in New Orleans, but grew up in Jacksonville, Florida.  When I was young, I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time traveling overseas (my dad was in the navy) and visiting my relatives in Louisiana.  New Orleans has always felt like home to me and I am thrilled to finally be living and working here.  The character of this city is unlike anywhere else in the world and it is my goal to attempt to document this culture through food.  The number of AMAZING restaurants and bars is completely overwhelming even for someone who has lived here for years.  The Amateur Epicurean is my way of assembling a “guide to New Orleans” for both locals who want to try something new and anyone coming just for a weekend.

Although simply eating and drinking my way around this city is already an overwhelming feat – my family has an ongoing joke that you could eat every meal at a different restaurant in New Orleans for the rest of your life and you would never try the same one twice – I also love to cook.  Well really it’s more than that.  I love to read cookbooks, look up recipes (with or without the intention of making them), host dinner parties, experiment, and obviously talk about food.  I am not professional chef…unless growing up in an Italian family somehow qualifies me as such.  I do not use unattainable, extravagant ingredients that you have never heard of nor to I attempt any recipes that are particularly unpredictable or unnecessarily painstaking.  I believe whole, fresh, natural foods are the most delicious, although my crazy sweet tooth and adventurous friends guarantee a wide range of culinary experiments – food is an art, after all.  I like grilled veggies, fish, anything with lemon, home-made baked goods, goat cheese, and oysters.  My blog is a place where I can share my food, restaurant, and related  discoveries, stories, and experiments.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  If you enjoyed The Amateur Epicurean, check in every now and then.  I love to see you around!

Your feedback and comments are always very much appreciated.  My email address is riannakbennett@gmail.com or you can follow me on Twitter, @riannabennett.


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