la boqueria

I would like to preface this post by apologizing for my lack of posting.  I am actually in Barcelona right now for the semester and I have been slightly preoccupied doing everything except blogging.  It has been warm enough to go to the beach until this past week, so I’m thinking I can start posting more regularly again!  Everything about this city is incredible, the food, the beach, the weather….. I never want to go home.  My one complaint I guess would have to be that my kitchen has no oven and no window.  Not something that a college student should care about, I know, but it is keeping me from posting!  Hopefully I can start documenting my oven-less creations on a more regular basis.

The best thing about cooking here is how fresh the food is.  I love how markets are so prevalent in Spanish culture.  There are fresh fruit and vegetable markets on almost every block and huge markets in every neighborhood (I mean get lost inside huge, like a Wal-Mart full of live seafood, local veggies, and warm bread!)

Although Barcelona is normally associated with its amazing nightclubs, restaurants, architecture, and museums, I thought it would be fitting for my first Barcelona post to be about La Boqueria, the largest and most famous of the markets in Barcelona.  It is located on Las Ramblas, the street most notorious for tourists and pickpocketing, and always packed with both visitors and locals doing their daily shopping.  It is full of jamón (Spanish ham), cheese, bright fruits and vegetables, sweet pastries, and the most variation of eggs I’ve ever seen.  The most amazing part of the market to me is definitely the amazing fresh fish and seafood!  The clams and crabs still wiggle in the ice and the fish are straight out of the water.  Women eagerly describe the delicious fresh fish waiting to expertly filet different fish before your eyes!The biggest problem I had with this market is the overwhelming selection of ingredients.  How could I possibly decide what to cook when I have access everything?  If you are wondering, I decided on ahi tuna!

Promise more frequent posts to come!


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