la boqueria

I would like to preface this post by apologizing for my lack of posting.  I am actually in Barcelona right now for the semester and I have been slightly preoccupied doing everything except blogging.  It has been warm enough to go to the beach until this past week, so I’m thinking I can start posting more regularly again!  Everything about this city is incredible, the food, the beach, the weather….. I never want to go home.  My one complaint I guess would have to be that my kitchen has no oven and no window.  Not something that a college student should care about, I know, but it is keeping me from posting!  Hopefully I can start documenting my oven-less creations on a more regular basis.

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banana muffins

It is incredible how quickly produce seems to go bad when you are living by yourself.  I’m sure everyone has experienced this before.  Somehow the strawberries that you swore you bought the other day are already moldy, the milk is sour, and all your bread is stale.  I mean I guess it’s my fault for being incapable of buying food for just one person, but it’s still so frustrating.  When I came home to old, mushy bananas, I just could not throw away any more food, so there I found myself, in my all black “architect” ensemble, baking.  As great as black clothes are for hiding coffee stains and pen leaks, it is apparently not the ideal color to mix with flour, especially if you make as much of a mess in the kitchen as I do.

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